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Pastor's Monthly Message

Life's Impermanence, October 1

One of the great themes of literature has always been life's impermanence. Poets and playwrights have looked at the human condition and marveled that everything has its moment and then passes away almost beyond memory. The poet Robert Herrick, who wrote, "Gather ye rosebuds while ye may", was saying in his own way that the fresh flower of today will be withered tomorrow and dust eventually. And Shakespeare, who was quite taken with impermanence, noted, "Imperious Ceasar, dead and turned to clay, might stop a hole and keep the wind away". What is Ceasar now? In his time he could command armies with the wave of his hand. His slightest inclination became the law of Rome. His coming scattered fears and awe in the hearts of men. But now when we walk the broad plains where his armies fought, we can't even hear the echo of their trumpets. The glory that was ancient Rome is just so many ruins, a pleasant stop for tourists.

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